The STA-SAF® system combines six Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) types and three safety head options that provide the user with extended service life reverse buckling disk technology in sizes from 1″/25mm to 36″/900mm at burst pressures ranging from 5 psi/0.34 bar to 2000 psi/137.9 bar.

This catalog describes the types JRS™, S-90™, RLS™, and FRS™ Rupture Disks and their Safety Head (holder) options. The most extensive size and set pressure capability is offered through these widely applied designs that are in service in well over 50,000 installations worldwide.

The most capable Sta-Saf technologies, [SKR Rupture Disk] ( “SKR Rupture Disk”) & [SIGMA EXL] ( “Sigma EXL”), have their own dedicated catalogs.

Standard Features of the STA-SAF® Family
STA-SAF® Rupture Disks
  • 90% or greater operating ratio
  • Vacuum resistant
  • Solid metal construction enabling optimum leak tightness
  • Designed for non-fragmentation
  • Recommended for isolation of pressure relief valves
  • Metal tag with product identification and traceability data, as well as code symbol stamps as appropriate
STA-SAF® Safety Heads:
  • Disk dome shielded by safety head inlet for all sizes
  • Locating pins ensure centering and correct orientation of the disk within the safety head
  • “Bite-type” seal for sizes 2″/50mm and larger to optimize leak tightness when appropriately installed
  • Flow arrow to indicate direction of flow after installation
  • Optional tell-tale connection in safety head outlet
  • Spiral groove with 125-250 AARH finish on both inlet and outlet safety head external mating surfaces to enhance gasket performance

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