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FLT93 Flow Switches

FCI's FLT93 Series are the most popularly installed heavy duty thermal dispersion flow and level switches in the world. The reasons are simple; FLT93s were developed from more than 40 years of flow and level switch engineering and application experience to deliver the most reliable, repeatable, rugged and longest life industrial grade switch products found anywhere. FLT93 series switches are "precision temperature compensated" to insure the accuracy of factory and field set alarms.

Two standard sensing element configurations are available to meet your most demanding application requirements.

The FLT93S is designed for use in standard heavy industrial applications and in applications with high velocity liquid setpoint requirements; the FLT93F is designed for fast response gas applications.
Both sensing elements can be supplied in either standard (-40 °F to 350 °F [-40 °C to 177 °C]) or medium (-100 °F to 500 °F [-73 °C to 260 °C]) temperature configurations.

The FLT93S is also available in a high temperature (-100 °F to 850 °F [-73 °C to 454 °C]) configuration.

Exclusive flow accuracies as precise as ± 2% of the setpoint veocity over a ±50°F [±28°C] temperature range; repeatability of ±0.5% reading.
Level resolution of ±0.1 inch [±2.5 mm]; repeatability of ±0.05 inch [±1.3 mm]

We have the flexibility of having selectable input power, heater selection, relay configuration and calibration/operation mode. These are all possible just by changing jumper positions.

The FLT93 series is also available in Sanitary (FLT93C) and In-Line (FLT93L) models that allow us to reach out to more applications that will be able to benefit from our thermal dispersion technology.

FLT93 Series Brochure