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The FS10A is a universal flow monitor and switch specifically designed for gas and liquid process analyzer sampling systems. It is easily installed into a standard tube tee fitting (¼inch MNPT) or a new SP76 (NeSSI) modular manifold. Electrical and electronic connections at the FS10A are via a standard M12 connector or fixed cable gland with tinned and marked wire leads for user's connections.

The flow switch's setpoint is conveniently user settable via two push-buttons accessible at the top of the unit, or via its RS232 serial interface.

The FS10A also has switch settings that are user programmable for trip control of hysteresis and time delay together with a standard 4-20mA output for flow rate trending or temperature.

FS10A Datasheet


The FS10i is a universal flow switch and flow monitor designed for simple insertion into ½” (13mm) or larger diameter pipes and square ducts. The unit is suitable for either liquid or air/gas applications. It is fast responding and highly repeatable to both increasing and decreasing flow rate changes. The standard 1A relay trip point is easily set in the field for low or high trip point and the trip and reset points can be further tuned with hysteresis and time delay adjustments. Also included standard is a 4- 20mA trending output of the flow rate for connection to ancillary controls or alarm systems. The FS10i includes a 10-LED array which provides both an indication the trip point has been exceeded (LED flashes on/off) and of relative flow rate (10% increments) across the flow range.

The FS10i provides best-in-class features for installation in rugged duty and long-life in industrial plants, process and large buildings. Its flow sensor’s thermowells are constructed of highly corrosion resistant Hastelloy C-276, it will operate in fluid temperatures up to 250°F/121°C, IP protection rating to IP67, optional global agency approvals for installation in Division 2/Zone 2 locations and it is the only unit in its price range to carry a SIL 2 compliance rating. It has no moving parts to clog and requires no routine maintenance which saves time and expense over any mechanical-technology based flow switch.

FS10i Datasheet