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ST100 Flow Meter

The ST100A Series transmitter is unsurpassed in meeting your current and future need for outputs, process information and communications. Every model includes three (3) 4-20mA outputs, 0-1 kHz or 01-10 kHz frequency/pulse, HART, Modbus, and a USB port. Optionally, Foundation Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA can be added.

FCl’s ST100A Series is the only thermal dispersion flow meter to deploy both constant power (CP) and constant temperature (CT) thermal dispersion measuring techniques in the same instrument. For many applications the ST100A will be factory set in FCl’s patent-pending AST™ (Adaptive Sensing Technology) mode. AST is a hybrid that combines both CT and CP techniques in the same circuit. In AST operation the instrument measures in CT mode when in lower flow ranges or startup conditions, and will transparently and seamlessly shift to CP mode at higher flow rates. The result is a best-of-both technology, achieving fast response, extended measuring range, and low power consumption. For other applications such as moist gases, pulsating flow streams and others, where a smoother, stable output is critical, the ST100A can also be set to measure in only CP mode. Since application conditions are not always completely known or understood at time of order, the ST100A’s measuring mode can be user changed between AST or fixed CP in the field to adapt to actual application conditions.

The ST100A Series is capable of having dual-element averaging systems (ST102AA) and FCI's patented VeriCal option that provides dynamic wet calibration verification in-situ (ST110A, ST112AA for both dual-element averaging and VeriCal). Besides the fast response, accuracy, repeatability and long-life which are hallmarks of FCI flow elements available with the ST100A, the STP models (STP100A, STP110A, STP102AA and STP112AA) also include pressure measurement.

The ST100A Series' optional digital readout has backlit LCD and four (4) optical touch buttons. The display and button functions can be rotated electronically via the buttons in 90° increments to optimize display viewing and button activations. These buttons can be accessed without opening the enclosure or declassifying a hazardous area. An atypical button sequence is required for button activations to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the menus.

The ST100A Series is engineered and offered with a choice of flow element styles. This gives you better options of operating the unit optimally under different conditions.

The ST100A is capable of providing up to five (5) unique calibration groups. This allows us to broaden the measuring range of gas, enable calibrations to optimize flow measurement accuracy in dynamically/seasonally affected processes and have one meter for multiple applications and installations if required.

ST100 Series Product Brochure