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ST51 Flow Meter

The ST51 flow meter provides solutions for measuring and controlling biogas, digester gases, methane and natural gas flow. It is the answer when faced with dirty, wet gases and seasonal temperature changes where cold temperatures slow gas production and higher temperatures accelerate gas production. While the primary composition of these gases is methane and carbon dioxide, residual H₂S and wet vapor leave deposits and corrode surfaces. To measure correctly in fluctuating temperatures, temperature compensation circuitry as a standard in ST51.

Biogas, digester gas and landfill gas compositions are dominated by methane and present a potentially hazardous installation environment. Sound engineering practice and often regulations mandate that instrumentation meet guidelines and have agency approvals for installation zone safety. Depending on actual installation location, at a minimum the environment will require Class I, Division II and often a more rigorous Class I, Division I [Zone 1 II2GD Ex d IIC] approvals. The ST51 meets all of these and has obtained global agency approvals that ensure your installation is always safe and compliant with regulations. Unlike manufacturers who merely provide their transmitter electronics in an approved OEM enclosure, FCI submits its entire instrument to agency testing. These product approvals are different because they are comprehensive system approvals that also take into account the sensor and seal requirements as well as the temperature ratings.

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