Flow Conditioners

Vortab flow conditioners provide a low pressure loss solution to flow profile irregularities produced by elbows, valves, blowers, compressors, and other disruptions that commonly occur in pipe and duct runs. By eliminating flow profile irregularities and temperature or media stratification, they ensure accurate, repeatable gas flow measurement and are the efficient alternative to long lengths of straight piping or ducting upstream from a flowmeter. Vortab flow conditioners provide the most thorough conditioning, in a shorter distance, with a fraction of the pressure loss of any other flow straightener or conditioner available today

By teaming FCI’s proven thermal dispersion mass flow metering experience and products with Vortab flow conditioners, FCI now provides unequalled gas mass flow metering performance in applications previously considered too difficult or impractical to meter

The Vortab flow conditioner, located just three (3) diameters upstream of the FCI flow meter installation, virtually eliminates gas flow swirl and velocity profile distortions as well as temperature and media stratification produced by process equipment obstructions and/or inadequate straight run of pipe and ducting. This results in tremendous flowmetering accuracy and repeatability improvements. The FCI/Vortab team provides the ideal solution for industry’s toughest, most critical gas mass flow metering applications. 

Vortab flow conditioners uniquely combine proven swirl removal technology with the patented Vortab mixing process to achieve the most thorough and efficient flow conditioning available. Each of the three available flow conditioner configurations consists of a short section of swirl reduction tabs combined with three (3) arrays of Vortab profile conditioning tabs. This design produces: rapid cross-stream mixing; minimizes swirl and velocity profile distortions; produces flow profile repeatability across a broad flow range. Equally important, Vortab flow conditioners feature a patented low pressure loss design. Non-recoverable pressure loss can reduce maximum flow capability in process lines, creating process inefficiencies and requiring greater energy expenditures to move process gases. Perforated plates, tube bundles, screens and other flow conditioning technologies produce a much greater pressure loss than Vortab flow conditioners and, unlike Vortab flow conditioners, are subject to clogging or fouling in industrial applications. The patented Vortab technology provides unmatched performance with little pressure loss and swirl-free, conditioned flow profile. It is the ideal partner for FCI’s low pressure loss, centerline mounted single-point and equal area multi-point sensor technology.

There are mainly different configurations to install a Vortab flow conditioner:

  1. Insertion panel (Vortab Insertion Panel)
  2. Spool piece (Vortab Short Run)
  3. Elbow piece (Vortab Elbow)

Vortab Flow Conditioner Brochure