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Cylinder Sampling System

The SENSOR Cylinder Sampling Systems allow collection of samples from gas and light liquid hydrocarbon applications in a manner that is safe to both the operator and the environment. The sampling process is emissions-free, with no spills and zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, while keeping sample contamination levels to a minimum.

The Liquefied Gas Sampling System (LGSS) allows an operator to visually verify cylinder outage and maximum fill density through our innovative sight glass system, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirement U.S. CFR49.  

The Vapor Sampling System (VSS) has many of the same benefits of the LGSS, but allows for the safe and representative sampling of non-condensing gaseous samples. On the VSS, the sight glass is eliminated and the flow is reversed to ensure no condensate is left in the cylinder while sampling.

  • Cylinder “saddles” to correctly position and secure sample cylinder
  • Robust double-ended shutoff quick-connect fittings (QC’s)
  • Ability to depressurize QC’s before removing cylinder from sample panel
  • Single handle operation
  • Flush entire system before taking new sample
  • Panel mounted pressure gauge
  • Operation & Installation Manual included

Sensor Sampling General Brochure
Cylinder Sampling Catalogue