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The 1400 Series Temperature Sensor Assemblies are general purpose assemblies that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • The 1440 Fixed Fitting has a sealed weld connection preventing hot gases from escaping and consequently can be used without a thermowell.
  • The 1443 Spring Fitting is designed specifically for use in a thermowell and comes with a spring assembly which insures positive contact to the bottom of the well and provides good response characteristics.
  • The 1445 Adjustable Fitting eliminates the need for an exact immersion length. Using an adjustable compression fitting, the sensor length can be adjusted into the process or thermowell as needed.
  • The 1450 Fixed Tube fixed tube well is a sealed weld connection.
  • The 1455 Adjustable Tube well is adjustable with compression fitting. Tube well assemblies come with a 0.02 in. S wall tube

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