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In this bulletin, we introduce something new to our product line up - SENSOR Sampling Systems.

In 2015, SOR Controls Group - one of our principals - expanded with the addition of SENSOR Engineered Solutions. SENSOR serves clients as a full service systems integration and engineered products company formed from the core SOR Controls Group competencies by providing innovative solutions.

More recently, SENSOR introduced the Sampling Systems product line for worldwide distribution. These products are closed loop sampling systems and are an important part of process optimization and safety.

SENSOR Sampling Systems provide a representative sample that is safe to both the operator and the environment. Their systems are designed to meet Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission standards.

[ Sampling System General Brochure ]

There are 4 types of Sampling Systems catered for your different applications.

[ Basic Bottle Sampling System ]
[ Cylinder Sampling Systems ]
[ Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System ]
[ Inline Sampling System ]

Basic Bottle Sampling System

Basic Bottle Sampling System

The SENSOR Basic Bottle Sampling System (BBSS), is a closed loop liquid sampler that is ideal for processes with pressure less than 150 psig and process temperature less than 135ºF. The sample is dispensed into the sample bottle by merely turning a valve. Process pressure forces the sample through the valve into the bottle and, with SENSOR Needle Purge (SNP), zero dead volume is ensured throughout the sample valve assembly.

[ Basic Bottle Sampling System Catalog ]

Cylinder Sampling System

Cylinder Sampling System

The SENSOR Cylinder Sampling Systems allow collection of samples from gas and light liquid hydrocarbon applications in a manner that is safe to both the operator and the environment. The sampling process is emissions-free, with no spills and zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, while keeping sample contamination levels to a minimum.

The Liquefied Gas Sampling System (LGSS) allows an operator to visually verify cylinder outage and maximum fill density through our innovative sight glass system, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirement U.S. CFR49.

The Vapor Sampling System (VSS) has many of the same benefits of the LGSS, but allows for the safe and representative sampling of non-condensing gaseous samples. On the VSS, the sight glass is eliminated and the flow is reversed to ensure no condensate is left in the cylinder while sampling.

[ Cylinder Sampling System Catalog ]

Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System

Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System

The SENSOR Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System (FVBSS) provides a repeatable fixed volume of sample during each sampling process without stopping flow of the process fast loop. As a safety precaution, it helps prevent overfilling of bottle. It utilizes the same sample valve as the Basic Bottle Sampling System (BBSS), with the addition of a needle valve to control the flow of the fixed volume into the sample bottle. No external tubing is required for the fixed volume chamber. The fixed volume chamber will be sized to meet the exact requirements of your sampling application. FVBSS is recommended when process pressure exceeds 150 psig or when a repeatable, defined volume of sample is desired. SENSOR Needle Purge (SNP) is included in the fixed volume design.

[ Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System Catalog ]

Inline Sampling System

Inline Sampling System

The SENSOR Inline Sampling System (ISS) fits into a piping system without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential to take a sample. It can be designed to fit into virtually any diameter piping system and any flange configuration. The ISS uses a special long-body needle valve, or ram valve, and can also be configured as a fixed volume sampler.

SENSOR welds a specially designed sample valve into a spool piece matching your piping specification. The valve body can be fully purged to eliminate dead volume and any potential plugging issues.

Typical applications for the SENSOR ISS include hot oil, refinery "bottoms", and resid oil. Our robust valve is fitted with graphoil packing for high temperature applications. We heat trace any exposed areas to maintain adequate process temperature to allow for a freely flowing sample. We enclose the valve and sample receptacle in a specially designed enclosure which can be fitted with an optional educator to exhaust harmful vapors to a safe location.

[ Inline Sampling System Catalog ]