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Ronsor Bulletin

In this bulletin, we take a look at utilizing our Vortab flow conditioners to correct the swirl and flow profile of effluent water to prevent pump cavitation, how fiber optic cables help flame scanner electronics stay further from the heat of the boilers and customizing sampling systems.

Vortab flow conditioners for pump cavitation prevention

The Problem

A lack of straight pipe run causes the water to have an asymmetrical flow pattern in the pipe. This creates a vacuum suction that causes high pressure shock waves to the pump's impeller, resulting in the impeller blades pitting and quickly wear out. There are 3 pumps pumping water from the main header. Previously, the pumps lasted for 3 to 6 months before requiring an impeller replacement which costs a significant amount of down time, labour and material cost. Preliminary studies have shown that the first and last pump (pumps A and C) are subjected to the most amount of cavitation.

Flow Conditions

Line size: 8"
Process connection: 150# 8" flange
Discharge Pressure: 8 bars
Pump Temperature: 35 degrees
Flow rate: 150 cubic meters/hour
Motor rating: 75 kW
Media : Water


At the point in time when the Vortab was ordered, the pump A was not serviceable anymore. During the shutdown period, the Vortab was installed where the strainer once was, giving a small amount of sufficient straight run before the water enters the pump. The large strainer was being replaced by a smaller strainer upstream of the Vortab.

VSR - 08.00-2-5-0-1
8 inches Standard 316 SS 150# ANSI flanged unit.


Solves the issue: After having the Vortab installed for a year, the pump did not show signs of cavitation and is still in perfect functioning condition.
Prevents loss of productivity: When the impellers are severely damaged and the pump is unable to function, the process has to be stopped and the parts need to be replaced. This results in loss of productivity, labour and material cost to repair.

Fiber-optic cables allows remote flame scanner options

The Problem

The boiler or gas turbine can be unbearably hot or have too much violent vibrations for the flame scanner electronics to be anywhere near it.

The Solution

BFI provides a fiber-optic cable with different specifications for different purposes. This allows the electronics to be further away from a position that they dislike. This allows the flame scanner to function as it should and increases the lifespan of such an installation.


  • No Liquid Cooling

    Liquid cooling usually poses many problems including potentially damaging the turbines, causing a fire, expensive maintenance, condensates forming, etc. All these problems are introduced to solve the one problem of the area where the electronics is situated at being too hot for it to function.
    Instead of going around the problem, BFI dives right into the root of the problem and brings out the light signal to a comfortable area for the electronics to function.

Remote fiber optic flame scanner

More Information

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