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In this bulletin, we take a look at modifying our Laser Level Transmitter (LLT100) demo unit to fit onto a tank for a retrofit application. We also would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our current products as well as announce product launches.

In this issue:

  • Application highlight: Fitting the Laser Level Transmitter
  • Product update: ATEX and IECEx approvals for our J.M. Canty LED lights.
  • Product launch: MT100 from Fluid Components International
  • Product highlight: LMG100 ECONOLEV Magnetic Level Gauge from ABB

Application Highlight: Fitting the Laser Level Transmitter

The Constraints

As with all interesting applications, we are faced with some constraints to work within.

In this application, we are working on placing level measuring instruments on relatively older tanks that have had their drawings misplaced and possess little or no references to their dimensions. Currently the liquid level of the tank is measured by using a dip tape with a strapping table. We do not have the exact distance from the nozzle position to the bottom of the tank.

As the tank is still in service, we are do not want to remove the product from the tank or modify the tank to fit in our instruments.

Also, no instrument cables or any type have been laid down from the control room to the tank.

Choosing the instrument type

Not removing the product from the tank or modifying it means that we will have to use a top-down measuring solution to determine the level.

A non-contact solution is also preferred because the tank will be used to contain different products and its physical properties may change, making the measuring instrument inaccurate.

Of the non-contact solutions, laser has the smallest footprint size and beam divergence angle. As the nozzle that we are able to use on this particular tank is very near the side of the tank, having a smaller beam divergence angle will mean lesser issues for us to tackle later (such as signal disruption by the tank walls).

Tank Parameters

Height: About 10.6 Meters
Process connection: 4 inch flange
Pressure: Atmospheric
Temperature: Atmospheric
Contains: Lubricants and mixtures

Issues faced

After placing this unit to test for a week and comparing the readings with the dip tape measurement, we realized that the instrument read almost the same as the dip tape at high levels but increasingly lesser compared to the dip tape at lower levels. This can be attributed to the angle of measurement of the laser being different from the angle of measurement of the dip tape. We have further narrowed the problem down to our flange adapter.

Working with the nozzles available meant that we were not given too many options and had to modify our equipment to fit the size of the nozzle available.

Our standard unit comes with a 2" flange process connection which we had to place an adapter on to fit the 4" flange we were given. Doing this caused some issues with the alignment as our adapter flange may not have a uniform height all round.

Below is an image of what could be wrong and the impact a small difference in measurement angle makes in the results.

Laser Angle Issue

Improving the solution

We will be looking at solving the issue of remote power and monitoring in this application. Laying instrument cables can quickly become a heavy investment especially if it is only for monitoring purposes. We will discuss these at a later bulletin issue.

Product Update: J.M. Canty LED lights ATEX and IECEx Approved

J.M. Canty receives ATEX and IECEx approval for LED lights

The new range of LED fibre optic and process lighting systems have recently received approval from ATEX and IECEx. These new LED units provide higher light output than the halogen models sold previously and boasts of energy savings (20W compared to 50W / 80W).

There is an option to upgrade existing halogen lights to the LED version with the same input voltage using the same housing. Do contact us for inquiries!

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Product Launch: MT100 Series Flow Meters for CEMS and large stacks

FCI launches MT100 for CEMS and large stacks

Leveraging on the technology of the ST100 probes, FCI gives the multipoint MT series a huge facelift. The MT100 is capable of averaging up to eight (8) points in a stack or a large diameter pipe to give a highly accurate and repeatable air/gas flow reading.

Available in either the MT100M mast-type (single probe, multiple points on probe) or the MT100S single-point type (multiple probes, single point per probe), we are able to tackle challenging applications for large diameter pipes and stacks as well as being CEMS compliant.

Features include the following:

  • Coloured LCD touch-screen
  • Dual 4-20mA outputs with HART/Modbus and optionally Foundation Fieldbus or PROFIBUS
  • Optional CEMS Compliance - User programmable for daily test time and on-demand test of calibration drift test and interference test. Outputs a "PASS" or "FAIL" on the LCD readout. In the event of fail, user can menu select diagnostics screen to see details on each flow element. Includes two relay outputs, one changes state while in test mode and the other will change state if any test fails.

Do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on this product!

Product Highlight: LMG100 ECONOLEV Magnetic Level Gauge

LMG100 for simple liquid level measurement applications

Magnetic Level Gauges have always been known as the one of the better technologies of liquid level measurement due to its accuracy and ease of application. This is coupled with the ability for it to easily accommodate additional clamp on switches and transmitters to achieve the full control and monitoring system.

Traditionally, we have been recommending ABB's KM26 as our Magnetic Level Gauge of choice due to its high level of customization for different types of liquid. However, in regular diesel storage tanks and water treatment tanks with less demanding operating conditions, this meant increased prices which may have affected your decision in using our products.

The ECONOLEV LMG100 aims to be able to fill in that gap with a magnetic level gauge suitable for simpler applications with lesser customization available, no flanges involved and yet be able to easily accommodate additional clamp on switches and transmitters.

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