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We'd like to use this opportunity to wish all our clients and friends a Happy Chinese New Year! May we all be healthy and blessed with good wealth in this Year of the Rat.

Happy Chinese New Year!

In this bulletin, we will introduce our latest product line - Rebellion Photonics Gas Cloud Imaging Systems, discuss FCI's MT100 flow meter for measuring flue gas emissions and announce SOR's latest 1800 Series Pressure Transmitters.

New Product: Rebellion Photonics Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) system

Rebellion Photonics

Rebellion Photonics provides solutions to clients globally through technical innovation and is a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution taking place in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Industries.

Rebellion Photonics offers the only visual monitoring platform that can identify and quantify gas releases in real time. The standard GCI system automatic leak detection camera has a range up to 1,700m. It is capable of monitoring a large area with its panning functions, selectively detecting gas plumes, and send real-time alerts and video of the leak to the control room and the operator's email.

The system uses advanced hyperspectral infrared imaging technology, engages advanced detection algorithms, and employs powerful data storage and transmittal technology. The GCI is different from other technologies and systems because leak detection is automated, identification and quantification are possible, and wide areas can be monitored with a single camera.

Methane Leak detected from a standard GCI from 1km away

Benefit of using Rebellion Photonics Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) camera:

  • Reducing methane and other GHG emissions. Early and accurate detection, able to detect 40+ hydrocarbons and VOC's vapour/gases
  • Reducing cost Capex and Opex - 1 Visual Sensor replaces thousands of single point sensors. Fully autonomous, round-the-clock automatic operation. No humans needed to monitor the system
  • Reducing human exposure to toxic and dangerous gases - Removes the need for employees to explore the hazardous gas plume with sniffers to quantify the leak.
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Low Annual Maintenance

Product Application: Flow meter solution for large diameter pipes and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Why measure flue gas emissions

There is an increasing demand to protect environment from harmful emissions. While these directives aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they also set the requirements for reliability of emission measurements.

Measurement Challenges

Flue Gas emissions, i.e. SO2, NOx and dust are exhaust gases produced when fuel or other materials are burned in industrial plants or power stations. Measuring flue gas is a challenge. The emitted gas poses special challenges for air/gas flow measurement sensing technologies because of their multi-gas composition, swirling air currents caused by changes in demand, high temperature or humidity extremes that vary seasonally and the emission of sticky or abrasive particulates. These are difficult to measure without multipoint sensing.


FCI's MT-100 Series single or multi-point flow meters provide an accurate and cost-effective solutions to flue gas measurement. Depend on the application and requirement, multipoint systems use up to eight (8) flow sensing points in the flow stream. The sensors can be installed either across a mast or can be inserted at multiple points around the process line in a single plane. The thermal flow meter sense points are typically placed at the centroid of equal area cross sections of the pipe or duct.

Multipoint thermal mass flow meters also offer three distinct advantages over other large pipe solutions:

  1. There are no orifices, moving parts or glass windows to clog or foul;
  2. Turndowns of 100:1 are typical and up to 1000:1 available;
  3. Sensors are installed in the same plane and can be more easily installed and maintained in large stack, platform-accessed installations. FCI's MT100 is a highly accurate, reliable and low maintenance flow meter solution for large diameter pipes, stacks and rectangular duct installations.


As the importance of reducing carbon emissions grows, the installation of accurate flue gas flow meters becomes an important plant or site requirement. FCI's MT-100 Thermal Dispersion Mass flow meters provide measurement of the CO2 concentration and flow rate of the flue gas in the stack using a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS). The MT100 CEMS option provides automatic and on demand checks for both interference and calibration drift. The system check will check for sensor for potential contamination or blockage and will perform calibration checks at low and high range/span points.

FCI Model MT100 also conform to USA EPA 40 CFR Part 60, Part 75 and CERMS PS6 directives.

*Except from FCI's blog page

New Product: SOR introduces new 1800 Series Pressure Transmitters

SOR new 1800 Pressure Transmitters

SOR has just announced the launch of its 1800 Series pressure transmitters.

The 1800 Series pressure transmitters are well suited for intrinsically safe applications or conventional transmitter installations where a compact footprint is impractical. The 1800 Series transmitters utilize an advanced monosilicon pressure sensor and incorporate a patented encapsulation technology to achieve exceptional mechanical and thermal isolation.

All 1800 Series transmitters include external push-buttons for device setup and calibration. If ordered with HART output they can also be programmed with a HART communicator. Additionally, they are available with 2, 3, or 5-valve manifolds. With a standard ±0.075% accuracy, the SOR 1800 Series conventional transmitters are an exceptional solution for continuous pressure monitoring.


  • Gauge Pressure Ranges
    -40 kPa to 40 kPa through -100 kPa to 40 MPa
    -5.8 to 5.8 psi through -14.5 to 5,801 psi
  • Differential Pressure Ranges
    -6 kPa to 6 kPa through -500 kPa to 10 MPa
    -0.87 to 0.87 psid through -72.5 to 1,450 psid
  • 4-20 mA output with optional HART communication protocol
  • ±0.075% accuracy (URL)
  • Aluminum explosion proof housing
  • Standard push-buttons for setup
  • Optional integral LCD display
  • EMC (EMI/RFI) protection
  • ATEX / IECEx certified for intrinsically safe and flameproof applications
  • 2 year warranty

SOR Pressure Transmitters Catalog

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