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VAC-SAF Rupture Disk

The VAC-SAFTM System rupture disks offer two-way relief to provide maximum protection of gas or liquid storage vessels and plant from damage caused by excessive vacuum or over pressure.

We offer two modes of protection. When excessive vacuum is created during liquid withdrawal, accidental product loss, or during routine steam cleaning (e.g. for sterilization) the vessel and the plant is protected. Secondly, protection is provided by the same disk to relieve positive overpressure. The unique advantage of the VAC-SAFTM System is that it reacts to an abnormal condition immediately, giving a full relief area instantaneously

The VAC-SAFTM System can also offer relief of light overpressure.

The VAC-SAFTM System rupture disks can be utilized in various ways:

Type DKB: For vacuum and over pressure relief in a KB-7R Safety Head, for installation between standard pipe flanges.
Type VKB: For vacuum and over pressure relief in a KB-C Safety Head with- hygienic fittings.
Type P/DKB: For light over pressure relief in a PKB-7R Safety Head, for installation between standard pipe flanges.
Type P/VKB: For light over pressure relief in a PKB-C Safety Head with hygienic fittings.

The VKB rupture disk (bursting disc) with the KB-C Safety Head meets the requirements of the American 3A Sanitary Standards. The KB-C Safety Head and VKB disk provide a uniformly smooth, noncontaminating and non-corrosive environment towards the products. The assembly is ideal for situations where frequent situation dismantling is required for product changes and cleaning purposes.

Applications for Protection

  • Storage Tanks
  • Silos
  • Pi- Fermentation Systems
  • Glycol re-boilers

Used in processes

  • Aseptic
  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Applications where contamination in unacceptable.

The VAC-SAF Disk Components

VAC-SAF TM Rupture disks consist of three main parts:

  • A perforated and slotted metal section.
  • A Fluropolymer seal with integral Fluropolymer button.
  • A Fluropolymer slit cover between the Fluropolymer seal and the metal section prevents damage to the seal by the slits in the metal section.

For more information, please download the VAC-SAF Rupture Disk brochure.