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RB-90 Reverse Buckling Disk


  • Closer Margin Between System Design and Operating Pressure

    The RB-90 Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) enables systems to be operated at pressures up to 90% of the tagged burst pressure ... as compared to a maximum of 70 to 80% for tension loaded solid metal and composite disks.
    Existing equipment can now operate closer to its maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP).

  • Cuts Costs of New Systems 

    Only a 10% margin is needed between system operating pressure and the reversal pressure of an RB-90 Disk.  This means the design pressure of a vessel, protected by the RB-90, can be closer to its operating pressure than one protected by relief devices requiring a 20 to 30% margin.

  • Longer Service Life

    The RB-90 Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) will last ten or more times longer than conventional prebulged disks in static or positive pressure cycles... 100 or more times longer in pressure-vacuum cycling service.

  • Less Affected by Fatigue and Creep

    RB-90 disks are installed with the convex side toward the process and have compression loading.  Conventional disks are installed with the concave side toward the process and are under tension loading.  Disk metals under compression are much less affected by fatigue and creep.

  • No Vacuum Supports Required

    RB-90 Disk metals are thicker than those used in conventional solid disks of the same size and pressure rating, so vacuum supports are not required.  The RB-90 disk can also withstand high back pressure without damage.

  • Product Buildup is Reduced

    RB-90 disks resist product buildup.  Only the smooth convex side is exposed to system contents.  The vacuum support under a conventional disk has an irregular surface which tends to allow a much faster product buildup.  The use of RB-90 disks therefore cut maintenance costs by greatly extending the length of time between Safety Head disassemblies for cleaning.

  • Designed for Minimal Fragmentation

    The RB-90 Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) has four razor sharp blades that cut the disk into four equal segments without fragmentation.  No process contamination by metal.


  • Isolates Safety Relief Valves
  • Designed for Minimal Fragmentation
  • Operates up to 90% Rated Pressure
  • Can Withstand Full Vacuum without Supports
  • Available in Sizes 1" thru 36"
  • Wide Material Availability

For more information, please download the RB-90 Reverse Buckling Disk brochure.