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Sequence of Events Recorders X500F



The Ronan X500F Sequence of Events Recorder provides the Power Generation, Power Distribution, and Process Industries with the most advanced monitoring and fault finding data acquisition system.

The system's high speed, high resolution digital multiplexers use a network architecture for fast transmission of input status updates to the operator on a local monitor screen or a remote host and visual annunciators.

X500F Brochure
X500F/X1000 I/O Manual

X500F Building Blocks

Standard Field Termination Assemblies (FTAs) consist of 1 set of terminals for each input and an Elco connector for connection to a Ronan multiplexer.


The X501NET Multiplexers is a high-speed data concentrator chassis that processes field data signals and transmits its data to central computers or other plant equipment.

Network Hubs

The network hubs interconnect network devices such as multiplexers, HMI computers and Ronan X110NET Serial Annunciator on to a common network while providing complete physical isolation.

Ronan Industrial Computer

Ronan Industrial Computer
Ronan Industrial Computer

The X500F Industrial Grade Computer is available in table-top or 19-inch rack mount design. The CPU features a rugged CRS construction with slider rails and is IEEE approved for seismic qualifications.

X1000 Software

The Ronan Windows Operating System presents plant and process data in easy-to-read fields and formats. Engineered with operator interaction and safety as its basis, the software possesses simple navigation throughout the database and user-friendly menus and tools.