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Serial Input Annunciator X110

Serial Input Annunciators X110

The Ronan Model X110 Serial Input Visual Annunciator provides for a more economical and advanced technical approach than a conventional, split architecture annunciator system. Plant distributed process contacts are multiplexed and the status information transferred via serial link to the X110 controllers. This approach eliminates long runs of multiconductor cables from the field contacts to the annunciator logic and displays.

A typical serial input annunciator consists of a conventional window or graphic display and a number of integral or remote mounted X110 controllers. Each controller services up to 48 windows, indicators, or repeater relays. For larger applications, additional controllers are daisy-chain connected to receive the serial data from a standard ASCII port of a Sequence of Events Recorder (SER), Programmable Controller (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS), Plant Computer, or X120 Field Multiplexers.

Menu driven programming provides: Selection of 16 alarm sequences; window assignments; normally open or closed field contact selection; and activation/deactivation of any alarm point using a standard terminal or personal computer. Each controller accepts 240 or 480 inputs to the 48 windows (outputs). The custom configurations are stored in non-volatile EEPROMS's.

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Multiplexer/Termination Unit X120

Multiplexer/Termination Unit X120

Ronan's Model X120 Multiplexer is designed to continuously monitor up to 48 dry field contacts, voltage transition (live contacts), or solid state switching devices (SCRs, transistors, etc.). All inputs are converted into serial communication and then transferred to a receiver such as a Digital Control System (DCS), Plant Computer, or Serial Input Device like the Ronan Model X110 Visual Annunciator Controller.

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