Big Hermet


30 in Hg VAC to 7000 psi, 1 bar VAC to 480 bar


RTN, SIL, UL/CSA; Snap Switch: UL/CSA, TestSafe (SAA)


3 Years

The SOR hermetically sealed, Big Hermet is designed for mounting in a panel or on the wall when easy access is critical. The pressure sensing assembly of the Big Hermet explosion proof sealed pressure switch is identical to a conventional Static “O” Ring type switch except that the switching element assembly is hermetically sealed in a steel capsule. This versatile pressure switch works in a wide variety of process media and industrial applications and is provided with the maximum explosion proof rating.

  • Hermetically sealed snap switches
  • Ranges from 30 in Hg vacuum to 7000 psi
  • Set point adjustment without declassification of hazardous area
  • Worldwide agency approvals

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