The 1400 Series Temperature Sensor Assemblies are general purpose assemblies that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • The 1440 Fixed Fitting has a sealed weld connection preventing hot gases from escaping and consequently can be used without a thermowell.
  • The 1443 Spring Fitting is designed specifically for use in a thermowell and comes with a spring assembly which insures positive contact to the bottom of the well and provides good response characteristics.
  • The 1445 Adjustable Fitting eliminates the need for an exact immersion length. Using an adjustable compression fitting, the sensor length can be adjusted into the process or thermowell as needed.
  • The 1450 Fixed Tube fixed tube well is a sealed weld connection.
  • The 1455 Adjustable Tube well is adjustable with compression fitting. Tube well assemblies come with a 0.02 in. S wall tube

A thermowell protects the temperature sensor from process conditions such as pressure and flow induced forces and chemical effects. Proper temperature element protection starts with the selection of the thermowell or protection tube.

Conditions that influence the selection include the temperature, pressure, flow velocity, pipe size, insertion length and the process environment and medium. All of these variables are applied in the ASME PTC19.3 TW 2016 Standard that SOR uses to ensure that every thermowell is designed properly. A variety of materials and process connections are available for thermowells including:

  • Standard and exotic materials
  • Flanged, threaded, welded, and sanitary process connections
  • Straight, step-down, or tapered designs
  • Hastelloy, Monel, Nickel, 316SS, Carbon Steel, and other material options

Additional materials