FS10i flow meter

The FS10i is a compact, economical solution to air and compressed air flow metering. It is the first, and currently only, thermal mass flow meter to meet SIL 2. Utilizing application proven thermal mass flow technology, the FS10i provides a highly accurate and repeatable linearized 4-20 mA output of flow rate. Additionally, for applications benefiting from a high or low flow alarm point, the FS10i includes a user programmable 1A SPDT relay output.

FS10i Features
  • Direct Mass Flow Measurement
  • Ultra Reliable, No Moving Parts Design
  • User-Programmable 4-20 mA Output and Relay Trip Point
  • Set-Up Via PC Interface
  • 10 LED Display Array
  • Easy M12 or Cable Gland Connection WIth Electronics
  • SIL 2 Compliance Rating
  • Optional Div 2 / Zone 2 Approvals

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