ST80 is a high performance, rugged thermal dispersion technology air/gas flow meter that combines ultra-reliable, feature-rich electronics, and FCI innovations such as Adaptive Sensing Technology™ (AST) with the industry’s most extensive selection of application-matched flow sensors, including FCI’s new “wet gas” flow element, to provide a truly superior solution for industrial processes and plant applications. The ST80 further combines these features with a robust, rugged transmitter enclosure and industry’s broadest selection of process connections to provide longest service life and ease-of-installation in your installation’s pipe or duct.

The ST80 Series transmitter’s outputs are a match to your DCS, PLC, SCADA, recorder, or alarm system. Whether your output needs are traditional 4-20 mA analog or advanced digital bus communications such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, or Modbus, ST80 has you covered. Then for local display, the ST80’s graphical, backlit LCD is unmatched in showing what’s happening in the pipe. Flow rate, totalized flow, and temperature are continuously displayed in both a digital and bar graph presentation, while alarms and/or diagnostic messages will display as needed to alert operators.

  • Direct mass flow measuring
  • Flow rate, totalized flow, temperature
  • No moving parts, virtually no maintenance
  • Process temperatures up to 850°F [454 °C]
  • Analog outputs and bus communications
  • Global agency approvals for hazardous Ex installations
  • SIL 1 compliant
  • Graphical multivariable LCD readout
  • 3-point in-situ calibration drift check
  • Exclusive wet gas/rain shield sensor option
  • Integral or remote mounting
  • Aluminum or stainless steel enclosures

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