BS&B’s comprehensive range of sanitary rupture disks (bursting discs), holders, and fittings has been specially designed with a uniformly smooth internal finish in non-contaminating materials for overpressure protection in sanitary/aseptic applications. The Bio-Saf range meets the demanding sanitary criteria necessary in today’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food processing industries.

All BS&B sanitary disk holders and fittings are designed with a standard sanitary clamp configuration to permit easy and fast disk installation. The holders may be connected to other sanitary tubing or fittings using standard clamps and sanitary gaskets. Holders and fittings are also available with butt, tank weld end connections or a flush mounted option.

Surface Finish

Our standard surface finish on rupture disk (bursting disc) holders and fittings is 20~25Ra on all wetted parts. Polishing or electropolishing is used to meet customer special requirements.

Reverse Buckling and Composite Disk Nomenclature

Reverse buckling and composite disks are offered in type -S or type -ST (e.g. RLS-S, RLS-ST) to permit the use of a smaller sanitary connection.

Additional materials