Common Inlet and Outlet Connection Size

The BS&B type BPCV’s set pressure are controlled by a precision buckling pin which is calibrated to respond to the forces generated by inlet pressure acting on the valve plug. When the pin activates, the valve plug lifts to achieve a full diameter flow area. The valves have a soft seat. Standard valve materials are carbon steel and stainless steel for process contact components. Special materials are available upon request.

  • Angle valve design for connection to vertical inlet piping/ horizontal outlet piping
  • Inlet and outlet flange connections for ANSI/ASME – EN/ DIN – JIS flange compatibility
  • Same nominal size inlet and outlet connections, suitable for bypass applications
  • Higher flow capacity than equivalent inlet size relief valve
  • Operable to 90% of minimum set pressure
  • Set pressure independent of back pressure provided inlet pressure exceeds back pressure

Additional materials