An explosion can result from an ignition of a combustible gas, mist or dust when mixed with air during processing, handling or storage operations. A rapid rise in pressure occurs in the containing structure, and if it is not of adequate strength to withstand the deflagration pressure, extensive damage and injury to personnel can occur.

Explosion vents are low burst pressure membranes of calculated area fixed over an opening on the structure to be protected. In the event of a deflagration the vents provide a rapid and unrestricted opening at a predetermined burst pressure (Pstat) allowing combustion gases to expand and flow through the open vent. The required relief area necessary to protect plant or equipment may be determined by using the most current standards of NFPA 68 – 2018 or VDI 3673 – 2002.

The most suitable explosion vent may be selected by matching the information in this catalog with the particular operating conditions.

The Vent-Saf® explosion vents can protect industrial equipment including silos, dust collectors, cyclones, conveyers, dryers…and many more.

The Vent-Saf Product Line

Types VSP™ (Vent-Saf Plus) and VSS™ (Vent-Saf Sanitary) domed single section metal explosion vents with integral gaskets. The dome is formed to resist vacuum. Type VSE™ (Vent-Saf Economy) a flat, single section metal explosion vent with integral gaskets.

Type EXP/DV™ a round domed explosion vent of composite construction with integral gaskets. The EXP/DV vent has a laser cut stitch pattern in the dome area. A Teflon® liner covers the slits providing a seal. The vent burst pressure is controlled by the arrangement of the stitch pattern.

The Vent-Saf vents are available in both round or rectangular styles designed to be mounted on the structure to be protected using a Safety Frame.

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