SpeedBar is an adjustable length knock-out bar that can quickly compensate for variations in different molds. Used with the FasTie system, mold ejector plate tie-in and adjustment times are reduced to seconds. The adjustment sleeve is easily rotated to change the bar length up to 1″ in increments of 0.006″. Once the desired length is set, the spring-loaded sleeve securely locks in your adjustment.

Fixed length knock-out bars are blank on one end for on-site finishing. Longer bars are available.

Fastie Patent No. 6,379,072

SpeedBar Patent No. 6,315,544

Product Features
  • Faster mold changes
  • Various thread sizes available
  • Flexible modular installation
  • No mold modifications required
  • Reduced wear, parts stay connected during molding cycles
  • Hardened steel materials

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