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Available in wide variety of piping materials and end connections Suitable for high temperature, high viscosity service Can be provided with a variety of connections to attach to existing piping or vessels Available with open tube “stinger” or process needle

The SENSOR RAM Sample System (RSS) is designed to attach directly to the side of a tank or pipeline without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential to take a sample. The RSS uses a Piston Type Ram Sample Valve which works very well in high viscosity or high particulate applications which are prone to plugging. As the valve is rotated the piston draws back and allows the liquid to flow through to the sample port. When the Piston Ram Valve is rotated to close, it pushes back any remaining product to ensure no cross contamination between samples and zero dead volume.

SENSOR RAM Sample System can be supplied with a flanged, threaded, or welded connection to mate up to existing piping. It can also be supplied with a piping spool to fit into an existing pipe line with either a threaded or flanged type of connection. The RAM Valve can be fully purged with use of a purge adapter to eliminate any dead volume below the valve and eliminate potential plugging issues.

Typical Applications for the SENSOR RSS include hot oil, refinery “bottoms”, hot asphalt, resid oil, and any other low vapor pressure hydrocarbons where a fast loop is not present or easily achievable. The RAM Sample valve can be fitted with Teflon® or Graphoil packing to meet the requirements of most applications. We can heat trace any exposed areas to maintain adequate process temperature to ensure a free flowing sample. We can enclose the Ram Sample Valve and sample receptacle in a specially designed enclosure for operator protection while sampling. The enclosure can also be fitted with an optional eductor to exhaust harmful vapors and smoke to a safe location if open top container sampling is preferred.

  • Can be provided in virtually any material to match the piping system in which it is installed
  • Can be provided with a variety of connections to attach to existing piping or vessels
  • Available with collection chamber, model PIRSS
  • Optional SENSOR Sampling CONCENTRIC single needle design is available
  • Operating Instruction Manual included

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