The LLT100 is specifically made for industrial applications and harsh environments. It provides continuous, non-contact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management in industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, power, pulp and paper, pharma, and water and waste water.

Low cost of ownership – No maintenance – No calibration necessary – Versatile level transmitter

Reliable – Precise measurement of any solid or liquid surface – Dust and fog penetration capabilities – Explosion proof class 1 / division 1 (zone 1)

Convenient – Fast and flexible installation – Easy setup function – 2 wire powered and HART communication

Fast delivery – Less than 2 weeks from order to reception


Dust tube – Avoids dirt or splashing liquids on the window

Cooling tube – Increases max. process temperature to 280°C/535°F

Heated window – Prevents condensation on window (requires 4 wire power)

Integral Through-the-Glass user interface – Configuration directly on the unit

Rotating bracket – Ideal for aiming the LLT100 laser beam

Swivel flange – Provides precise aiming of the LLT100 laser beam. Especially useful in liquid applications

Laser pointer tool – Used to provide a visual reference when aligning LLT100

Process flanges

Universal flange (aluminum or stainless steel) – Flange bolt pattern fits both 2 in. ASME150 and DN50 PN 16 – Maximum pressure: 2 bar (29 psi) – Hazarous area class 1 / division 1 (zone 1)

High pressure – 2 in. class 150 flange – 2 in. class 300 flange – DN50 PN16 flange – DN50 PN40 flange – Hazardous area class 1 / division 1 (zone 1) – Can be used to form a barrier to zone 0

Hygienic interface – 4 in. triclover clamp

Additional materials