Simco Transparent liquid level gauges consist of two flat transparent glasses where the light can enter / exit from the back to the front of the gauge thus illuminating the liquid level which is contained in the chamber separating the two glasses. The liquid level is indicated by the different transparency of the two media.

A source of light (Illuminator) maybe located at the back of the transparent level gauge, light from the illuminator passes through the process fluid and is then viewed by the observer so that a level measurement can seen.

This type of gauge is used for measuring both total and interface liquid level of fluids in a vessel and also allows the use of Mica shields on the glass for excellent protection in steam service (if the environment is corrosive then Kel-F shields should be used instead).

Typical Vessel Connection
  • Threaded – ½”, ¾” NPT (Union connections avail.)
  • Flanged – ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1.5”, 2” & 3” ANSI Class 150#, 300#
Typical Gauge Connection
  • Threaded – ½”, ¾” NPT (Union connections avail.)
  • Socket Welded – ½”, ¾”
  • Butt Welded – ½”, ¾”
Typical Vent / Drain Connection
  • Threaded – ½”, ¾” NPT
  • Flanged – ½” & ¾” ANSI Class 150# & 300#
Selection of Available Accessories
  • Non-Frosting Extention – For low temperature applications protecting against the build up of frost.
  • Calibrated Scale – Manufactured from traffolyte / 316 stainless steel and engraved with units which reflect individual clients requirements.
  • Illuminator – Standard bulb type illuminators c/w Perspex light diffuser or alternate LED type illuminators are available with ATEX & IEC certification.
  • Protective Shields for Glass – The instrument glass may be protected from corrosive process medums through the incorporation of Mica or Kel-F shields.

Additional materials