The type ECR reverse buckling Compression Loaded Style Disk provides over pressure relief in either gas/vapor or liquid application. The ECR disk is designed with a perforated circular score in the perimeter of the dome. Gaskets which are activated by assembly of safety head, cover the perforated score line to achieve a sealed construction. The snap action of reverse buckling disk technology enables very low burst pressures to be achieved avoiding the use of weaker slotted composite disk designs .At the disks burst pressure the disk reverse, opening along this perforated score line, relieving the overpressure.

  • Overpressure protection at the lowest available reverse buckling burst pressures.
  • Prevent fugitive emission from API storage vessels. The ECR disk may be installed below the emergency fire vent. Isolating the vent and eliminating leakage of the stored fluid. The vessels normal breathing vent will continue to operate.
  • Relief valve isolation, an ECR disk may be installed at the inlet of a safety relief valve offering the following benefits:
  • Reduces fugitive emissions.
  • Less expensive valve trim may be used in corrosive applications.
  • Valve life is extended by isolating valve parts from corrosive fluid.
Features & Benefits
  • Sizes from 1″ (25 mm) to 24 ” (600 mm)
  • Lowest burst pressure in a reverse buckling style disk.
  • Designed to be non-fragmentation.
  • Overpressure relief for either gas /vapor or liquid applications.
  • Suitable for operation pressures up to 90% of the minimum burst pressure.
  • High performance in pressure cycling or pulsating conditions.
  • If installed damaged, disk will burst at the nominal burst pressure.
  • Back pressure resistance from 0.5 and up to 2 times tagged burst pressure subjected to process conditions
  • Vacuum resistance. (May require additional vacuum support.)
  • Low torque sensitivity
  • Disk acts as a positive seal to prevent fugitive emissions.
  • Smooth convex disk surface suitable for hygienic or polymerization applications.
  • Ideal for relief valve isolation.
  • Standard materials, Nickels, Alloys 200, Monel Alloy, Inconel Alloy 600, 316SS, Hastelloy C-276 and Tantalum.
  • Patent No: 5,368,180, 5,413,237, and 4,751,938.

The ECR disk is a low-pressure reverse buckling disk designed with perforated circular score in the perimeter of the dome. When overpressure occurs, the disk reverses and opens along the perforated score line and folds around the pivot in the outlet of the Safety head. The pivot ensures that the disks petal is retained after rupture.

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