The type GR-CTM outlet fitting with industry standard connections provides quick and easy installation of the GCR-STM reverse buckling disk onto existing standard sanitary inlet ferrule. The uniquely designed gasket helps eliminate inverted installation of the rupture disk.

Innovative design using SAFTM (Structural Apex Forming) technology offering a wide range of burst pressures for sanitary/aseptic applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries.

Features and Benefits
  • One disk design for gas and liquid service
  • “Fail-safe” design – Damage-Safety Ratio <=1
  • Low to high burst pressures
  • Ideal for CIP/SIP Service*
  • Installed with integral sanitary/aseptic gaskets
  • 8 to 16 micro-inch typical disk surface finish
  • Minimum dead space between process fluid and the disk
  • Suitable for operating pressures up to 90% of Marked Burst Pressure** or 95% of the specified minimum burst pressure (EN 4126-2)
  • Designed for non-fragmentation
  • O% Standard Manufacturing Design Range, optional – 5%, -10%
  • Withstands full vacuum at all burst pressures
  • SASTM (Sanitary Alert Sensor) with leak sensing option available
  • Integral burst disk sensor option
  • Worldwide patents pending

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