J.M. Canty Fuseview™ sight glasses have been engineered to meet all your process and safety needs. All standard Fuseviews™ feature Factory Mutual approval and were designed and tested to ensure the safest product available. Canty can provide certification of material and testing if required, typical of ASME code requirements for process vessels.

Our unique fused glass windows far exceed all conventional tempered glass windows in safety and performance. By fusing glass to metal, a high pressure, high safety, hermetic seal is formed. The fused glass technology ensures safety with every Fuseview™. What’s more, our windows can easily be removed for cleaning. Canty windows do not have to be discarded, as do traditional tempered glass windows. Canty fused glass windows can be re-used again and again.

Fuseview™ Advantages
  • Largest viewing area from a metal fused sight glass in the industry
  • Ideal properties of metal and glass provides true fusion of glass to metal that will not crack during installation or operation like borosilicate and duplex stainless steels.
  • No bolt loading on the glass. All the load is carried by the fusing ring. No stresses incurred on the glass at bolt-up.
  • No shims, packing or adjusting screws

Fuseviews™ Tri-clamp® are a fused sight glass providing one-piece construction with no additional gaskets or torquing required.

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