The control of rock and aggregate size is critical, as crushing mills tend to have a high rate of out of spec production. Sizing the crushed rock and detecting when it is not the optimum size saves a significant amount of time and money by avoiding product return and rework. The JM Canty RockSizer™ allows quick sizing of aggregate to allow for real time adjustments to the process and to keep the output in spec.

The RockSizer™ is a vision-based measurement system used with a Canty Vector for aggregate, determining particle size, shape and distribution, thereby eliminating the need for sieve analysis.

The RockSizer™ includes two B&W cameras, dual lighting systems, a hopper and gate system, and a vibratory feeder to present the sample material to the cameras and lights in free fall. The RockSizer™ electronics are packaged in a rugged, weather proof, skid mounted frame designed to meet the demanding requirements of many industries, including the aggregate industry. The camera video is provided to the Canty Vector System for quick and precise particle size analysis. The vector output matches sieve and screen data directly.

  • Outdoor Lab Analyzer
  • Particle Distribution by Major, Minor Diameter, Area, Perimeter Available with the Canty Vector System
  • Real-time, On-line Particle Size Analysis
  • Dual Backlighting for True Shape Illumination
  • Easy, Rapid System Configuration
  • Rugged, Skid Mounted Frame
  • Large Hopper to feed the product into the RockSizer™
  • Gate system allows for precise feed control of the product
  • Dual camera systems to allow for twice the feed rate of single camera system
  • Aggregate
  • Crusher Control
  • Iron Ore Pellets
  • Milling Controls
  • Potato & Agricultural Product
  • Screen Break
  • Screen Blinding
  • Wood chip
  • Aggregate: 1/10” – 2” Particle/Object. 50-6000 micron, .75”-9” Models also available. Consult Factory.
  • Rating: NEMA 4 Weather proof
  • Power: 120V AC, 60Hz, (230V AC, 50Hz available) Single Phase, 900W
  • Dimensions: Approx. 6 ft. (L) X 3 ft. (W) X 5 ft. (H)
  • Weight: Approx. 1250 lbs

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