The Model 6400 is an angular type safety valve at 90º between the inlet and the outlet connections. It has flanged connections, a full nozzle, direct action and is spring loaded. There are three types: Conventional, Balanced (with bellows) and Balanced-Piston. All three are designed with specific trims to work with gases, steam and liquids.

  • The valve body is angular type at 90º between the inlet and outlet flanges. Its large internal capacity and smooth internal body reduces turbulence.
  • Full nozzle type, guided and screwed to body, enabling precise alignment and easy disassembly.
  • Disc is separate from disc-holder, and a greater selection of materials can be offered.
  • Stem-push rod design in two parts, enables push rod material to be hardened to withstand high pressure, facilitating displacement, minimizing seizure with the guide.
  • The guide has a large push rod area to prevent damage, ensuring precise alignment with all internal components.
  • The bellows are made so its average area is equal to orifice area. This achieves precise valve balance and excellent operation with variable back pressures. The bellows’ design enables valve operation at maximum pressures and temperatures.
  • Springs are designed with a highly reliable calculation software, and manufactured with the correct material of construction for the process conditions, ensuring accurate valve opening.
  • The standardization of different valve types enables a conventional valve to be converted to a balanced bellow or balanced piston valve with only a minimal change of parts.

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