The model 3-5111 is an angular type safety relief valve at 90º between the inlet and outlet connections. It is supplied with threaded or flanged connections, full nozzle, direct action, spring loaded, with full lift and fast opening.

The model 3-5161, is created from the basic design model 3-5111, but differs by having bellows. This allows the valve to operate when the backpressure is variable. It also protects internal parts from corrosive gases during discharge pipelines. The bellows are manufactured so the average area is equal to the orifice area. This allows valve operation at maximum pressures and temperatures.

  • Valve body is the angular type at 90º between inlet and outlet. In the flanged version, these are integral with the casting (not welded). The smooth body section helps reduce turbulence so fluid discharge is improved.
  • Full nozzle type, guided and screwed to the body, enabling precise alignment and easy disassembly.
  • Disc is separate from disc‐holder, making repair or replacement easy, even with alternate materials.
  • Guide has a large disc holder area to prevent damage, ensuring precise alignment with all internal elements.
  • Springs are designed with highly reliable software and manufactured with the correct material of construction for the process conditions, ensuring accurate valve openings.
  • Used interchangeably as safety or relief valves, for both gases and liquids. It’s typically used as thermal expansion valve and also used for relief of small flows.
  • Upon request are available options such as a lifting lever, “test-gag”, “O-Ring”, heat jacket, opening sensor etc.

Additional materials