Ability to get a properly illuminated view of what is happening inside the vessel.


Where others may use a separate sight glass to view the vessel and to mount a light, CANTY provides a combined LED light and sight glass to optimize viewing and minimize total package cost. lluminate through an existing sight glass or a newly installed FuseView™.

Pictured is a 12” bundle models mounted directly to a sight glass with an optional bracket.

This allows for viewing and illumination through the same single nozzle, resulting in maximum LED illumination and a cool light output. A 24” and longer bundle model mount remote from the sight glass with an optional bracket for increased accessibility.

CANTY lights feature a unique, high output LED array and reflector assembly that focuses the light from the bulb into the process vessel or tank. An optional UV filter is used to protect product from harmful wavelengths, providing
only cool light into the process and eliminating sight glass bake-on.

Some of CANTY light features include:

  • High Intensity LED Lighting
  • NEMA 4, IP66, Explosion proof, Flameproof models
  • Fused glass seal provides a safe, reliable, hermetic seal between electronics and the process area.
  • Redundancy – LED array with numerous diodes
  • Highly efficient. Maximum lumens with minimal power draw.
  • More lumens per square inch than standard LED bulbs.
  • More uniform, dispersed compared to a single emitter to allow for optimal illumination.
  • Solid-state lighting for rugged industrial applications.
  • Uniform consistent white light.

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