SKE’s non-invasive tank level transmitter uses advanced digital signal processing technology to determine the liquid level inside a sealed container.

A sonar wave signal is emitted from the probe sensor and the echo signal reflected from the liquid surface is detected. The time taken for the echo signal to return is what determines the current height level of the liquid.

The installation usually consists of 2 probes stuck on the outside of the tank as per the following picture:

During its installation, liquid in the tank must be more than half full. A calibrating probe is placed on the side of the tank at the middle to confirm the speed of sonar wave propagating in the fluid being measured. This is to ensure accuracy when there are changes in pressure or temperature in the tank that may affect calculation variables. The measuring probe is placed below to determine the liquid level in the tank based on the parameters we know.

Access to the bottom of the tank must be available for this measurement method to be used.

The product comes with ATEX and SIL certificates.