Flamonitec BFI Automation has been a specialist in flame monitoring of gas turbines for decades and have been working closely with many gas turbine manufacturers to bring safety to their systems.

Whether it is retrofitting an existing gas turbine flame scanner or replacing flame scanners that are no longer available – Flamonitec has the right system that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing environment.

A typical flame scanner set-up for gas turbines look something like the following:

Gas Turbine Set-up

Our flame scanners use a fibre-optic cable coupled with a high temperature scanner head to obtain the signal from the combustion chamber. This eliminates the issue of high temperature and vibrations that are detrimental to the electronics.

The amplifiers are an optional piece of hardware now that Flamonitec uses the compact type flame scanners, combining both sensor and amplifier functions into one box of electronics.

Some of the gas turbines we have worked on include those manufactured by Siemens, Alstom, Ansaldo, Mitsubishi and GE.

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