Coal fired power plants usually have primary air, secondary air and over-fire air which they utilize to maintain combustion efficiency and reduce pollutants such as NOx. With the large cross sectional area of such ducts being very large (usually ranging in meters), many plants face difficulties having a good measurement of the air flow through such ducts.

FCI’s ST102AA (part of the ST100A series) are a good choice for such applications for the following reasons:

  1. Little to no maintenance required as dust do not choke or block any parts of the flow meter.
  2. No moving parts.
  3. Easy installation, probe insertion is directly perpendicular and up to a pre-calculated length.
  4. As such ducts are usually in inaccessible areas, Electronics can be placed at easy to access areas to be viewed and maintained if required.
  5. The air in these ducts are usually quite hot. High temperature heads allow the ST102AA probes to function up to 454°C.
  6. Each ST102AA unit consists of 1 pair of probes (2 pcs). More than 1 unit and multiple pairs of probes are used to get a good indication of the flow rate inside the ducts.

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