Lab Solidsizer

The CANTY SolidSizer™ is a vision-based sensor used with the CANTY Vector System image processor for dry aggregate size measurement in a laboratory environment.

The CantyVision™ Software accurately measures multiple aspects of the aggregate from area / perimeter / minor and major axis / etc.

In comparison to a sieve which measures only minor axis, the CantyVision™ software can correlate directly to a sieve so the customer does not have to change any QC documents. The SolidSizer™ can correlate within 2% of a sieve. A typical sieve analysis takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes including cleaning and setup for a 70-100 gram sample. On the SolidSizer™ that same sample takes less than 2 minutes.

Multiple screen distributions can be setup to accommodate multiple customers or areas in the process, hence eliminating the need for multiple runs on the same sample for different size distributions. After correlating to current methods of minor axis, customers find benefit in comparing minor axis to major axis and comparing aggregate shape. This reduces lab time and make sure production samples are not skipped over due to lack of sample time available.

Lab SolidSizer is also available with Color Analysis accomplished by using the fundamentals of the RGB and YUV color scale system.

  • Particle distribution by major, minor diameter, area, and perimeter available with CANTY Vector System
  • Real time particle size and shape analysis
  • Objective SHAPE analysis to give a competitive edge to customers
  • Eliminate errors associated with sieves
  • Reduce analysis waiting time for operators
  • Particle Size = 10 microns and greater
  • Mesh Sizes = 3 mesh – 1200 mesh
  • Data can be in same format you currently have for trucks and operators
  • All data is stored on Excel files for later use and easy storage.
  • Settings used for each sample can be saved so system setup is repeatable
  • 2 Minute analysis
  • Aggregate
  • Size / Shape
  • Mining Labs
  • Glass bead calibration
  • Frac Sand & Proppant
  • Replaces existing lab screen / sieve systems
  • Food
  • Power: 120 VAC / 60 Hz (230 VAC / 50 Hz)
  • Ethernet Camera Resolution