The JM Canty Industrial SolidSizer™ is a vision based sensor used with the Vector System for dry particle size measurement in a production environment as an on-line production tool. The SolidSizer™ includes a B & W camera with a shutter speed control and a variable magnification lens, a light source with a flexible fiber optic light guide to generate a uniform light field to display silhouette images of opaque particles, and a vibratory feeder to present sample material to the camera / lights in free fall. The weatherproof camera is equipped with a spray ring that can be charged intermittently to control dust buildup on the outside of the camera view port. The camera video is provided to the Vector System for analysis that extracts particle size information. This sheet identifies the features of the SolidSizer™ and provides ordering information. Typical installations also include the Vector System.

  • Particle distribution by major, minor diameter, area, perimeter available with Canty Vector System
  • Real time, on-line particle size analysis
  • Adjustable lens magnification (sub micron through boulders – no upper size limit)
  • Fiber optic lighting backlighting for true shape illumination
  • Shape Analysis
  • External video connectors for signal processing by Canty Vector System (optional)
  • Optional light filters available for wavelength sensitive materials
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Polymer pellets and beads
  • Agricultural products
  • Aggregates
  • Crushed rock
  • Glass bead applications
  • Screen break detection
  • Agglomeration control
  • Spray dryers and fluid bed applications
  • Replaces existing lab screen / sieve systems
  • End product Q.C. and lot certification
  • Power: 120V AC / 60 Hz (230V AC / 50 Hz)
  • Shutter Speed: variable up to 1/100,000 sec
  • Instrument Air: 20 to 30 PSI when required

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