J.M. Canty F700 series flanged sight flows have been engineered to meet all your process and piping needs. Our sight flows have been designed to meet strict ASME code requirements. Canty hydrotests all units to 150% of the maximum rated pressure and can provide certification of material and testing if required, typical of ASME code requirements for process vessels.

All Canty sight flows feature the Fuseview™ window. Our unique fused glass windows far exceed all conventional tempered glass windows in safety and performance. By fusing glass to metal, a high pressure, high safety, hermetic seal is formed. This fused glass technology ensures safety with every F700 series sight flow. What’s more, our windows can easily be removed for cleaning. Canty windows do not have to be discarded, as do traditional tempered glass windows. Canty fused glass windows can be re-used again and again.

  • All sight flows feature Canty Fuseviews™
  • Castings, designed to ASME code
  • Connections per ANSI 16.5 and BS EN 1092-1
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, and Hastelloy® bodies and Fuseviews™
  • Teflon® lined sight flows are available
  • 150 LB through 2500 LB, PN10 through PN100
  • Special pressures though 10,000 PSI are available
Unique Options
  • Dual fused glass option – for high temperature applications
  • Lighting – 90 degree lighting to illuminate your Process without eliminating a sight glass
  • Optional camera or interface sensor – to remotely view and control your process
Indicator Options
  • No indicator
  • Rotor
  • Flapper
  • Drip Tube

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