The Canty QuickPort™ is a patented, safe, quick opening closure for process vessels. Originally used in the offshore diving industry as a transfer lock on decompression chambers, QuickPorts™ are used with no additional interlock by various non-industrial personnel in applications where any operational failure would be fatal. The zero leak design has been proven through a combination of air and liquid submergence testing. This cycles the QuickPort™ through external pressure, no pressure and ultra high internal pressure leak testing where a constant o-ring seal was maintained. The QuickPort™ closure provides a safe, easy, fast way to gain access to a pressure or vacuum vessel. Each QuickPort™ features a sliding door or Fuseview™ that opens laterally to provide full port access. The closure consists of a pad and a retaining flange held apart by spacers, a floating seal ring, and a door or window. As the door is pivoted into the closure the spring loaded seal ring is deflected back to allow the door to fit tightly between the flanges. The spring force creates an air tight seal on the door face and allows the tank to be pressurized or evacuated. A pressure differential holds the door securely in place, thus no bolting is involved.

  • Vessel Sampling
  • Vessel Charging
  • Powder Addition
  • Glove Box Isolation
  • Spray Nozzle Port
  • Test Vessels
  • Process View Port
  • No bolting or torquing required
  • Zero leak closure
  • Instant safe opening
  • Full vacuum rated
  • ANSI 150 lb. and 300 lb. mount
  • DIN 10 bar and 16 bar mount
  • Material Stainless steel, Teflon®, Alloy C, Hastelloy® C276 or equal, or Hastelloy®C-22® or equal
  • Meets ASME, BS5500, and EC Codes for quick opening closures
  • Code material test reports available
  • Self pressurized seal ring seals and locks unit regardless of pressure
  • All types of o-rings available
  • Integral Locking pin
  • Limit switch electrical interlock
  • Integral Canty spray ring
  • Custom sizes available
  • High pressure units thru 10,000 PSI (700 Bar)
  • Other materials of construction available

Additional materials