Combining the latest in CCD Ethernet camera technology with Canty fused glass, lighting and CantyVision Client software, the Immersion Analyzer System provides real time, in-line measurement of either turbidity, color analysis or percent solids, determined by the P/N purchased.

No sampling or lab analysis is required! Each unit can be fully integrated into existing TCP/IP networks. CantyVision Client software is installed on a user supplied PC, and connected to the in-line measurement system via Ethernet network. Images of the process can now be seen at any networked PC. The live images are remotely analyzed by CantyVision Client software. A comprehensive library of standard utilities and data functions provide a multitude of real-time process information.

The CANTY Immersion Turbidity, Color Measurement or Percent Solids Measurement System uses a variable insertion measurement gap, which is unique to the Canty system. Canty’s unique fused glass seal allows our equipment to be easily submersed into the product for quick, highly accurate process measurement. The image process can be setup with multiple zone sensing on the image of the fluid thus comparing results for reliability and allowing immediate detection of any problem.

Common applications include effluent turbidity measurement.

  • Ethernet Connectivity For Measurement
  • Ergonomic Immersion Package
  • Fused Glass Seals Instrument from Process
  • Regulated High Intensity Light Source
  • 316L SS and Anodized Aluminum Wetted Material
  • Rugged, Industrial Sensor
  • Easy to Operate
  • No Lab Sampling Required
  • Low Cost Measurement System
  • Provides Both A Real Time Measurement And A Continuous Real Time View
  • Fully Cleanable Unit
  • Digital Video Storage to Customer PC
  • Low Cost Measurement System

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