Control your crystal size and prevent spontaneous nucleation

The CANTY CrystalScope™ is a vision based system for monitoring crystal size in real time from nucleation to full growth. This inline microscope includes a high speed camera with adjustable shutter speed, combining a lens configuration that offers dynamic Ethernet controlled calibration for magnification and focus settings.

Incorporated into the CrystalScope™ design is Canty’s patented uniform fiber optic “cold” lighting system which is vital to imaging crystals for true two dimensional size and shape for process control (through 4-20 mA, OPC interface, Modbus, etc …). CANTY Fuseview™ technology is incorporated to provide a high pressure, high temperature hermetic seal. The gap between the fused glass interfaces can be adjusted to optimize the image, displaying silhouettes of the crystals. The CantyVisionClient™ results from the image analysis lead to automated adjustments to temperature and vacuum during the critical stages of crystal growth, without the need to gather samples to be analyzed in the lab. Better control in crystallization will result in increased efficiency during filtration. Combine this with a CANTY “cake” detection system for your Nutsche Filter or centrifuge for total real time process control.

Operators view the process at all times for visual verification and results are archived for historical record.

  • Real Time Crystal Size Analysis
  • Standard Ethernet Control From CANTY Vector System
  • Uniform Backlighting For True Shape Illumination
  • Ethernet controlled Magnification For Variable Lens Settings
  • Fused Glass, High Pressure/Temperature Seal From Process
  • Various Outputs, 4-20mA, OPC Interface, Modbus, etc …
Particle Sizing
  • Crystal Distribution By Major, Minor Diameter, Area, Perimeter Available with Vector System.
  • Crystal Size & Shape
  • Crystal Count
  • Density Of Crystals
  • Detection Of Seeding Problems
  • Automated Temperature & Vacuum Controls During Crystal Growth
  • Increased Efficiency During Filtration
  • Power: 120 VAC / 60 Hz (230VAC / 50 Hz)
  • Shutter Speed: variable up to 1/100,000 sec

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