Canty Glass Reactor Microscope provides a unique microscopy system that can be calibrated in situ down to .3um (.7um vis). It provides stunning 2D size and shape analysis, concentration measurement, and visual verification in a single instrument.

Compared to other technologies, the Canty Glass Reactor Microscope is more practical as it does not require multiple probes to measure random cord length. It provides 2D results in the best possible resolution via Canty Vision Software.

The Canty Glass Reactor Microscope provides data in compliance to the ASTM E29 and ISO standards and readily correlates to other PSM systems.

  • Measures particle size and concentration, while simultaneously providing live video view of particles ranging down to .7 micron.
  • 2D image analysis provides real time size, shape, and color analysis on a continuous basis, with outputs configurable to provide full particle size distribution, and particle concentration (to PPM level) data.
  • In Crystallization, it allows for rapid study of seed concentration to optimize yield.
  • In Dissolution, it measures the base line concentration of particles to determine the proper end point.
  • In Fermentation, Cell count, Size and Viability (live / dead) are continuously measured.

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